Kitchen of the future: every function in one compact module


The Virtue kitchen of the future
Welcome to the kitchen of the future! The project, called Virtue, is unique not only in all the functions necessary for a kitchen being present, but also the ability to transform into a stylish, compact and, above all, a compact unit of the decor.

50s1 Concept designer Eliza Shubert seems to have pulled something out of a science fiction movie, primarily due to the large touch-screen panel that can be used to view recipes, the composition of ingredients of what you’re eating, and other such important information. If you are cooking a dish familiar to you, you can just watch a movie, and the time spent on cooking can pass very quickly.

In addition to the screen, in the Virtue kitchen we can of course find more familiar features integrated into the module: hob, sink, tap, extractor hood and, of course a work surface for cooking. We have already written about kitchen future projects and highly compact options for small apartments. Virtue by no means lags behind them in functionality and style, in addition, in its closed position, this kitchen takes up very little space in the house. The owners of small apartments would greatly appreciate such space-saving.
50s4  With all the advantages of Eliza Shubert’s concept of we must not forget that this project is actually very difficult to install and may cause a number of problems with utilities.


 Compact cabinet sets for small kitchens


Designing interiors for apartments is much more complicated than all the other projects we see, because you need to bear in mind a lot of little details, which we sometimes just do not pay enough attention to at first. As for the kitchen, that’s a whole new world of questions that can be raised.

49s249s3Designer Ilja Oelschlägel has managed to create a kitchen that at first glance almost seems to be just a toy. We can see in the photos how tiny it turned out, leaving it difficult to believe in its reality. At the same time, there actually is everything you need: we can see a light fitting and wall shelves, and a snack bar, and a table (which is even extendable) and seating (similarly). The initial impression is just because all the objects and furniture that we can see here, can be hidden in the wall, now we see them, but in a few minutes they become part of the cabinet set.


Although the table and chairs do not seem very stable, we think the designer has got that covered. It’s important not only to create a compact and attractive design, but also ensure the strength and reliability of such a cabinet set. Yet, perhaps, we just need to be a bit more careful with such furniture in our home. Yet, thanks to her, the kitchen is indeed very compact and at the same time cozy.


Of course, a lot of people are not going to be seated at such a table is there’s not really a lot of room for food… But at the end of the day the kitchen itself is simply not very big, then this cabinet set is really able to solve many problems. The job remains to find a place for the most important thing, the kitchen sink, let alone for the cabinet set, but of course, we will.
49s8Compact cabinet sets for small kitchens

The interactive dining table



Your dining table is no longer a board with four legs. Now it’s interactive.

interactive dining table

This is how far progress has come! It used to be that a dining table was a table top on a number of legs. Now it’s a truly multifunctional device. And all thanks to French designer Nelly de Macedo, who has created an interactive dining table.
48s3interactive dining table

This table is not just a place for the preparation and eating of food. It is equipped with a sensor camera and projector that allow you to do many amazing things.

For example, to be an assistant to the cook in preparing complex dishes. Using the projector, you can display information on a smooth worktop about how to cook a particular dish. Sensor cameras will monitor closely the actions of the cook, and so according to what you do, display further instructions.

48s4interactive dining table

When dinner is ready, and the guests seated around the table, the projector will be display nice pictures or videos on the tabletop that match the theme of your dinner. Moreover, you can use a set of pre-loaded videos and images, or upload your own.
Thus, when eating fish soup, the diners could see clips of the life of the fish. A touch of nature, following wildlife in its own environment. In principle, it is of course possible to put on more neutral but nice video, such as butterflies, flowers or babbling brooks. Whatever floats your boat. Moreover, the interactive camera sensor will also track the behaviour of people and correct the images in accordance with their actions. For example, changing videos when changing food courses, and so on.

48s5interactive dining table

 And, in the absence of other imagination, during lunch you can just watch a movie. That’s also an option.

What’s really good about this interactive dinner table is its versatility. It also acts as a hob for cooking as it can have built-in hotplates, as well as a sink, extractor fan and lamps for lighting. All this in one set significantly saves space in the kitchen.

Save space in the kitchen


Kitchen furniture from Marta Antoszkiewicz

Kitchens are usually not very spacious. A lot of room is needed for appliances such as a refrigerator, hobs, and a microwave oven, and then a sink, dining table, several chairs and maybe even a cabinet with a TV. Everybody’s needs vary of course, but so many of us complain about the lack of free space is in the kitchen. The Kitchenette  project by designer Marta Antoszkiewicz aims to solve this problem in a wonderful way.

Kitchen furniture from Marta Antoszkiewicz

Her set of furniture includes the basic elements – a table and four chairs. It would seem that that’s nothing special. However, she was able to put together such a brilliant project, that some aspects are quite amazing! All four corners of the table correspond to the backs of the chairs so that they fit perfectly into it. In general, what can I explain that’s all so perfectly visible in the photographs? I think that this set can be located not only in a home but also in various public institutions, to again save space. Why not? The design is very cute, bright, and colourful.

47s3Kitchen furniture from Marta Antoszkiewicz

Kitchen of the future from Antoine Lebrun

46s1     Kitchen of the future from Antoine Lebrun

How do you see the future of the kitchen? Such as in ten years time? Please give us your comments, but in the meanwhile let’s have a look at this project  of Antoine Lebrun, which he has positioned as the kitchen of the future.

Antoine believes that a kitchen must incorporate plants which produce oxygen, as is well-known. When this table is closed, it becomes a lid with plants with tightly covers the worktop and then effects a dishwashing process. Plants are able to produce a natural soap that will help to carry out the cleaning process.


Kitchen of the future from Antoine Lebrun

46s3Every detail of the process is not yet known, but it is planned that the system will basically operate in this way. When you wish to cook your own meal, raise up the bar with the plants. You will then see in front of you an electric hob, and a space for washing and slicing ingredients. There is no longer any need to explain any more.
46s4Cut, mix, fry, steam, boil … In short, cook your own food. Then fold the same dishes into the sink as above, close the cover panel and the machine will do the dishes for you in the most natural way of any invented up till now. Of course, this idea is still in the initial planning stage, but hopefully in the near future we will be able to experience the results of such constructions with our own hands.